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The 'R' Face Lift

This is a modified and less invasive facelift technique by its creator, Mr Riaz.

We call it the ‘R’ face Lift to differentiate it from the previously described ‘S’ facelift technique as there is no skin-undermining and deep dissection of tissue, therefore there is no swelling or bruising after the operation. The deep MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) facelift-type of sutures used give all the benefits which can be achieved by performing a MACS facelift and at the same time recovery time is very quick.

There is no risk of damage to any nerves and also there is no risk of surface irregularity which can result after skin undermining and collection of blood clots. This technique is suitable for all types of patients, including patients who have early ageing changes and wish to have a quick recovery time.

This is also suitable for patients with moderate to severe age-related changes who wish to avoid the more invasive procedures.

This technique is also very suitable for revisional surgery or secondary facelifts.

This is a modified method developed by Mr Riaz during the last couple of years. This method was developed in a particular patient who had Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (EDS). These patients have a tendency of severe bleeding and bruising and poor healing. This technique involves a pre-operative assessment for skin laxity, and the area of skin to be excised is assessed and marked. This technique has a similar scar as in the MACS facelift, which is around the sideburn, in front of the ear and stops behind the ear. 

There is pre-excision of skin and fat down to SMAS without any undermining of skin. Therefore there is no bruising of the skin of the cheek and neck after this type of facelift. It can be combined with liposuction of fat under the chin and upper part of the neck. Deep sutures are used to plicate the exposed SMAS. The central concept of this technique is called the composite lift. 

The soft tissue of the cheek and neck is lifted in a vertical direction by anchoring the lifting sutures to fixed points above the cheek bone to the temple. This procedure is different to a skin excision only because skin approximation is not dependent on skin closure sutures.
This technique does not require any drains or post-operative pressure dressings. There is a very short down time. The technique itself, as presented in the meeting of British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in September 2014.


Travelling thousands of miles from Jordan to Mr Riaz’s clinic in Hull-UK was worth all the effort. His professionalism, courtesy, competency, keen follow up, and sincerity are qualities that give his patients reassurance and comfort. He has this remarkable ability to know what every patient exactly needs to feel better about her looks and look better. I was very impressed with what he did to my face. He is meticulous and skilled in producing a beautiful effect without overdoing the facelift. I saw natural youthful looks and pleasant harmony. Swellings and bruises after the surgery cause the patient to worry and even panic. Not only his work method resulted in minimum swellings and bruises, but he also would use his scientific and evidence-based knowledge to reassure the patient that it’s a matter of two or three weeks, and all will settle down. His approach makes the patient feel that she is unique and not just another patient or customer. Yes, Mr Riaz, I appreciate all that you did to help me to go smoothly through an experience that for years I was hesitant to go through. It’s been now 16 days since I had the operation but I already feel happy with the progress I am making. Thanks so much for your conscientious work, brilliant results, and for taking good care of your patients. Long distance is not at all an obstacle with such worthy results. Bless you!
— Hana H - 'R' Facelift & Upper Blepharoplasty
I am highly delighted, to put it mildly, with the fantastic results of the ‘R’ facelift performed by Mr Riaz in November 2015, and a more recent Brachioplasty (arm lift) surgery that I had a couple of weeks ago. The results of the facelift are amazing, and I’ve had nothing but compliments from colleagues and friends, and there are no visible scars whatsoever. As a result of the Brachioplasty, I have the slim arms of a teenager!! Thank you, Mr Riaz, for restoring my confidence in myself.
— Susie - R Facelift - Hull

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