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Patient Testimonials

We have satisfied patients from all over the UK and internationally. Don't just take our word for it, here's theirs.

I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr Riaz and his team. I had wanted my surgery for 5 years but had put it off due to been scared and nervous. After been recommend Mr Riaz by so many people I booked a mini consultation. Safe to say I was no longer scared as Riaz made me feel comfortable and at ease from the start. From start to finish I have been extremely happy and impressed! I have and will keep recommending Mr Riaz and Spire Hull as I think he’s fantastic. Thank you so much!!!
— Amber - Breast Enlargement
Having left my hometown of Grimsby many years ago, I was delighted to find whilst researching best cosmetic surgeons in The Tatler Guide, that Mr Riaz was one of four recommended, in particular for being the pioneer of his R lift procedure, practicing in Hull and Grimsby. I travelled from my home abroad for a consultation and family visit and following my meeting with Mr Riaz and his Cosmetic Surgery Sister Lynda, immediately felt in safe hands and absolutely full of confidence for a great result.

Mr Riaz - as I have already told you in person, you are a genius. I could not have wished for a better outcome! You have truly made me look at least ten years younger but in a very subtle way - my friends and family can not believe how amazing your work is. One only has to read your testimonials from patients and the accolades from other surgeons in your profession to understand how respected you are and I am sure the people you help on a charitable basis in Pakistan are eternally grateful. Please accept my heartfelt Thank you Mr Riaz ! You are quite simply the best and I look forward to proudly showing you my new face at my next consultation.
— Dawn - 'R' lift and Upper eye lift
I’ve always struggled with confidence because of how my nose looked, I’ve also always had reservations having toyed with the idea of surgery for about 4/5 years, but I cannot recommend Dr Riaz and his team enough! His secretary Gail was very reassuring and professional, and Dr Riaz has completely changed my life I’m truly thankful for what he and his team have done for me.
I cannot explain how happy I am with the results, a very very clever guy who is also realistic about the results he can achieve for you, very professional but also very humble. I’ve gone from putting my head down as I walk into a room to holding my head up with confidence, I also struggled slightly with my breathing when exercising...not anymore because I have nostrils now.

Thank you so much!
— Jay H - Rhinoplasty
Mr Riaz is truly a gentleman he’s kind and patient and easy to talk to. I am only two weeks post op and have to say his work is exceptional. I am delighted with the results on my face and eyes which are healing so fast I’m amazed. My arms are coming on nicely but obviously, take more time but have been assured it has gone really well.

From consultation through to post-op he’s always happy to see you and answer any questions you may have without making you feel like your bothering him. His staff are the same Karen and Gail are so helpful they put you at ease and make you feel cared for and cared about. I would have no reservations about recommending Mr Riaz and his team. Money can’t buy peace of mind and you get that and more. A huge thank you to you all for your expertise and care you have given me.
— Susan C - "R" Facelift upper and lower eye lift and arm lift
My son is a Plastic Surgery trainee and worked under Mr Riaz in his NHS practice a few years ago. He always told me that if he trusted anyone to operate on his mother (me), it would be Mr Riaz. I developed facial signs of ageing at a comparatively younger age and is especially conscious of my jowls and excess neck skin during my 60’s as I began looking much older than my other half who hardly has any wrinkles. At 70, I decided to do something about it and visited Mr Riaz for a consultation. He was an extremely friendly and humble surgeon who discussed my concerns and took the time to explain in detail how each concern could be addressed. I requested time to think about going under the knife and came back a year later with the determination to undergo his R – face & neck lift with neck liposuction. He was flexible with dates as I flew in from Pakistan for the operation and accommodated me at a weekend of my choice. His anaesthetist Dr Rafique took on board my complicated anaesthetic history and tailored it so that I would undergo a safe anaesthetic. Mr Riaz himself was extremely professional. He met me multiple times before and after the operation and reassured me each time as I have a tendency to become anxious.

The post-operative care (including the application of the facial corset) was all undertaken personally by him, and as I had to go back to Pakistan soon after the procedure, he even accommodated my request for absorbable sutures. I am a doctor (Gynaecologist) myself, and everyone says that doctors make the worst patients. However, Mr Riaz did not make me feel awkward on any occasion. He stayed in communication with me and answered all my post-operative queries in the most appropriate manner.

After the operation, I was in hospital overnight and then went home. There was a bit of pain (as expected after surgery) but there was hardly any swelling and on the third day after surgery, I went shopping to Tesco wearing the facial corset without any problems. A week after the operation, there was no pain, and I undertook my daily chores without much restriction. 3 weeks after the surgery, my son arranged a makeover and photo shoot for my friends and me on Facebook commented that I suddenly looked like I had looked in my 30s. My husband was speechless with happiness when he saw me (as I had kept my surgery a secret from him) and he still occasionally looks at me with amazement.

It has now been a month since the operation, and I feel like a different woman who is much happier and confident. My journey as a patient was facilitated by Mr Riaz’s team (his secretary Gale, his nurse Annette, his anaesthetist Dr Rafique and the rest of the Spire staff who were all exceptionally nice), but most of all it was the attention to detail by Mr Riaz, both towards my face and also towards me as a patient that gave me immense satisfaction. I am so happy with the outcome that I hope to come back to him next summer to have my upper face (eyelids/brows) addressed.
— Dr QK - 'R' Facelift - Pakistan
Travelling thousands of miles from Jordan to Mr Riaz’s clinic in Hull-UK was worth all the effort. His professionalism, courtesy, competency, keen follow up, and sincerity are qualities that give his patients reassurance and comfort. He has this remarkable ability to know what every patient exactly needs to feel better about her looks and look better. I was very impressed with what he did to my face. He is meticulous and skilled in producing a beautiful effect without overdoing the facelift. I saw natural youthful looks and pleasant harmony. Swellings and bruises after the surgery cause the patient to worry and even panic. Not only his work method resulted in minimum swellings and bruises, but he also would use his scientific and evidence-based knowledge to reassure the patient that it’s a matter of two or three weeks, and all will settle down. His approach makes the patient feel that she is unique and not just another patient or customer. Yes, Mr Riaz, I appreciate all that you did to help me to go smoothly through an experience that for years I was hesitant to go through. It’s been now 16 days since I had the operation but I already feel happy with the progress I am making. Thanks so much for your conscientious work, brilliant results, and for taking good care of your patients. Long distance is not at all an obstacle with such worthy results. Bless you!
— Hana H - 'R' Facelift & Upper Blepharoplasty
I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my most heartfelt appreciation not only for your courage and skill but your pioneering vision to help people living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Living with such a diagnosis is a daily challenge, thank you for teaching me the difference between a diagnosis fact and faith. The fact is when so many Doctors were so discourteous and shattered my dreams. Fact is when I met you, and the faith you had changed my destiny. Before saying you are an extraordinary Doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being, thank you for learning all you have and for passing that learning on to others. Thank you for your contribution in my life and for being so careful with me. The secret to my amazing recovery is due to your talent and expertise; I am so grateful to you and your team
The surgery and the results have given my life a new beginning saying “thank you” seems so insufficient but I can find no words that truly express my feelings appropriately, so I use these two simple words with the hope that you know the depth of emotion and gratitude they contain.
— Ann - Ehlers Danlos Patient
I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me in November. The operation has changed my life for the better and I cannot thank you and the team enough! I feel like I have got my confidence back and that means the world to me. Thanks again.
— Ben - Facial Operation
Thank you so much for operating on my nose, I’m sure it is a lot better than how it looked before. I couldn’t have done it without you! And will give me back my confidences, so then I can be back to the old me. My breathing also seems a bit better!
— Charlotte - Nose Operation
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Riaz following breast reduction surgery in November 2015. It is something I had thought about and wanted for a very long time and as soon as I met Mr Riaz I was instilled with confidence that it was the right thing to do and that he was the best surgeon for the job - I sensed a perfectionist. The results are nothing short of fantastic. The physical and obvious result is a pair of smaller, pert, rounded, lifted breasts (the likes of which I only saw on me for a couple of teenage years!) which are in perfect proportion to my body. A less anticipated but highly significant result is that my whole stance has changed; partly due to carrying less weight around on my chest but more due to an increased confidence; the self-conscious awkwardness about my breasts which I have had for years has simply disappeared. Clothes which flatter and fit are so much easier to come by with zips and shirt buttons no longer flinching in an attempt to fasten and it is less painful and easier to run, swim, dance etc. It is now 4 months since the operation which was done as day surgery, no overnight stay required, the wounds healed very well, the scars are now fading nicely and I have not experienced any problems. I was never in any doubt that I would be pleased with the results of this surgery, but the reality has far exceeded what I had hoped for; to say it has been life-changing sounds dramatic but is the truth. I am totally in awe of the skill involved and truly grateful for the results, thank-you.
— Susannah Bovill - Breast Reduction
I am highly delighted, to put it mildly, with the fantastic results of the ‘R’ facelift performed by Mr Riaz in November 2015, and a more recent Brachioplasty (arm lift) surgery that I had a couple of weeks ago. The results of the facelift are amazing, and I’ve had nothing but compliments from colleagues and friends, and there are no visible scars whatsoever. As a result of the Brachioplasty, I have the slim arms of a teenager!! Thank you, Mr Riaz, for restoring my confidence in myself.
— Susie - 'R' Facelift - Hull
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me over the last couple of months. All the nurses have been so kind and helpful and Mr Riaz, what you have done for me has and continues to change my life. I cannot express to you how much this has meant to me.
— Katie - Hand Operation

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