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Improvements immediately after surgery

Having lacked the courage to have surgery on my face for many years, I finally went to see Mr Riaz who immediately made me feel at ease and gave me total confidence to proceed with Upper Blepharoplasty and R Face and Neck Lift procedures.

The improvements were very apparent immediately after surgery and now, four weeks post-op, the result is amazing! Everything is settling down, the changes are substantial but subtle, and I now feel happy and confident in myself.

I feel very privileged to have been able to benefit from Mr Riaz’s incredible skill and his signature procedures. Thanks a million!!

Paula - Upper Blepharoplasty & R Face and Neck Lift - Hull, East Yorkshire

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Thanks so much for your conscientious work, brilliant results

Travelling thousands of miles from Jordan to Mr Riaz’s clinic in Hull-UK was worth all the effort. His professionalism, courtesy, competency, keen follow up, and sincerity are qualities that give his patients reassurance and comfort. He has this remarkable ability to know what every patient exactly needs to feel better about her looks and look better. I was very impressed with what he did to my face. He is meticulous and skilled in producing a beautiful effect without overdoing the facelift. I saw natural youthful looks and pleasant harmony. Swellings and bruises after the surgery cause the patient to worry and even panic. Not only his work method resulted in minimum swellings and bruises, but he also would use his scientific and evidence-based knowledge to reassure the patient that it’s a matter of two or three weeks, and all will settle down. His approach makes the patient feel that she is unique and not just another patient or customer.

Yes, Mr Riaz, I appreciate all that you did to help me to go smoothly through an experience that for years I was hesitant to go through. It’s been now 16 days since I had the operation but I already feel happy with the progress I am making. Thanks so much for your conscientious work, brilliant results, and for taking good care of your patients. Long distance is not at all an obstacle with such worthy results. Bless you!

Hana - R Facelift & Upper Blepharoplasty

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My face and eyes which are healing so fast

Mr Riaz is truly a gentleman he’s kind and patient and easy to talk to. I am only two weeks post op and have to say his work is exceptional. I am delighted with the results on my face and eyes which are healing so fast I’m amazed. My arms are coming on nicely but obviously, take more time but have been assured it has gone really well.

From consultation through to post-op he’s always happy to see you and answer any questions you may have without making you feel like your bothering him. His staff are the same Karen and Gail are so helpful they put you at ease and make you feel cared for and cared about. I would have no reservations about recommending Mr Riaz and his team. Money can’t buy peace of mind, and you get that and more. A huge thank you to you all for your expertise and care you have given me.

Susan - R Facelift & Upper and Lower Eye & Arm Lift

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