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Breast Augmentation

After researching several surgeons that performed Breast surgery , I choose to consult with Mr Riaz . I certainly was not disappointed at all times he made me feel at ease answering all my numerous questions and explained everything to me in an easy to understand manner . I was delighted with my results and post operative care . I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Riaz to any of my friends .

Joanne Rojegers

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I am totally in awe of the skill involved

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Riaz following breast reduction surgery in November 2015. It is something I had thought about and wanted for a very long time, and as soon as I met Mr Riaz I am instilled with confidence that it was the right thing to do and that he was the best surgeon for the job - I sensed a perfectionist. The results are nothing short of fantastic. The physical and obvious result is a pair of smaller, pert, rounded, lifted breasts (the likes of which I only saw on me for a couple of teenage years!) which are in perfect proportion to my body. 

A less anticipated but highly significant result is that my whole stance has changed; partly due to carrying less weight around on my chest but more due to an increased confidence; the self-conscious awkwardness about my breasts which I have had for years has simply disappeared. Clothes which flatter and fit are so much easier to come by with zips and shirt buttons no longer flinching in an attempt to fasten, and it is less painful and easier to run, swim, dance etc. It is now four months since the operation which was done as day surgery, no overnight stay required, the wounds healed very well, the scars are now fading nicely, and I have not experienced any problems. I was never in any doubt that I would be pleased with the results of this surgery, but the reality has far exceeded what I had hoped for; to say it has been life-changing sounds dramatic but is the truth. I am totally in awe of the skill involved and truly grateful for the results, thank-you.

Susannah - R Breast Reduction

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PatientGale BellBreast
I have been delighted and impressed!

I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr Riaz and his team. I had wanted my surgery for five years but had put it off due to being scared and nervous. After been recommend Mr Riaz by so many people, I booked a mini consultation.

Safe to say I was no longer afraid as Riaz made me feel comfortable and at ease from the start. From start to finish I have been delighted and impressed! I have and will keep recommending Mr Riaz and Spire Hull as I think he’s fantastic. Thank you so much!!!

Amber - Breast Enlargement

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PatientGale BellBreast