I look at least 15 years younger

I was very nervous about my R Facelift procedure with Mr Riaz, which also entailed a (please put the correct name of the eye and the nose procedures) as he recommended after the consultation. Now, six months after the procedure, any minor swelling and scars have vanished, and the results are truly spectacular. I am 56 but I know I look at least 15 years younger and also a lot more beautiful! I am complimented a lot on my looks which is always lovely.

Mr Riaz's approach could be described as conservative, which means that the results are very natural looking and simply makes me look much fresher and younger. I combined the R Lift with a course of facial treatments which addressed the residual pigmentation caused by sun exposure, as of course surgery does not address this. I can only say I am thrilled to bits with the results and would highly recommend Mr Riaz to anyone considering a facelift or associated procedures.

Jane - Upper Blepharoplasty, Tip Rhinoplasty & R Face and Neck Lift - East Yorkshire