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R Brow lift Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Also known as a browpexy, This signature procedure is designed to elevate and stabilize the upper and lower brow / lid. The procedure is commonly performed in combination with upper lid blepharoplasty.


R Brow lift (Browpexy)

Before and 3 weeks post a upper and lower R Browpexy and Blepharoplasty creating a winder, open and more youthful eye.

Age related changes of upper face include brow ptosis or dropping of the eyebrow which reduces the distance between the eyebrow and upper eyelashes and gives a tired look.

This also adds to the skin fold visible on the upper eyelid. If the distance between the eyebrows and upper eyelashes is acceptable then no surgery is required for the eyebrows but when there is brow ptosis then position of the eyebrow needs to be addressed.




Traditionally eyebrow position was addressed through a forehead lift or endo brow lift which are quite invasive and extensive procedures. It is well known that these procedures used to leave a surprised look on the face with eyebrows positioned too high on the forehead. In the recent years less extensive eyebrow lift has been performed through temple lift and browpexy.

The temple lift addresses the outer half of the eyebrow through a scar at the temple just inside the hairline and browpexy is performed through the scar of upper blepharoplasty which is in the crease of upper eyelid. Mr Riaz has modified the technique of browpexy by performing the dissection deep to periosteum which is more extensive than the usual browpexy technique.

There is less risk of bleeding and injury to the muscle or nerves. Dissection is also quick in this plane. An ellipse of periosteum is removed and then deep sutures are used to approximate the two edges of periosteum which obtains eyebrow lift of outer half of the eyebrow to achieve a pleasing appearance. As the sutures are quite deep there is no surface indentation left below the eyebrow. This technique obtains quite stable results. Further details are given in the section of facial surgery. 



Incision and dissection steps of an upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure by Mr Riaz Cosmetic Surgery Hull & East Yorkshire 

Here are the procedural steps to completing an upper and lower blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery procedure.

Incision & Dissection

  1. The lateral skin incision marking.
  2. Subcutaneous undermining.
  3. Sub-ciliary incision.
  4. Incision of the orbicularis oculists muscle.
  5. dissection of the sub-muscular plane releasing the fascia over the SOOF.
  6. Orbito-malar ligament release and lateral pocket dissection.

Volume augmentation steps of an upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure by Mr Riaz Cosmetic Surgery Hull & East Yorkshire 

Volume Augmentation

Volume augmentation over the inferior orbital rim and, malaria tissue lift and lateral canthopexy.

  1. The post septal fat in all three compartments is teased into a uniform apron.
  2. Plication of the inferior orbital septum and redrawing of the post septal fat over the infraorbital margin (first layer of volume augmentation).
  3. SOOF double-breasting over the post septal fat on the infraorbital margin (second layer of volume augmentation whilst simultaneously lifting malaria tissues) see arrow.
  4. Three to four similar sutures are used from medial to lateral.
  5. Excision of excess muscle.
  6. Lateral canthopexy suture.

Immediate post-operative results of an upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure by Mr Riaz Cosmetic Surgery Hull & East Yorkshire

Orbicularis suspension and Results

Orbicularis suspension and opposition, Reconstruction and immediate post-operative results.

  1. Two orbicularis suspension sutures
  2. Third orbicularis opposition suture
  3. Excess skin excision
  4. lateral conturing suture
  5. Immediate post-operative result (antero-posterior view)
  6. Immediate post-operative result (lateral view)


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R Brow lift Cosmetic Surgery Testimonials

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