Scar Free Foundation is offering BAAPS/BAPRAS Aesthetic Fellowship with Mr Riaz for 2017

BAAPS/BAPRAS Aesthetic Fellowship

Applications are now open for the BAAPS/BAPRAS Aesthetic Fellowship. The fellowships are designed to support post-CCT Trainee Plastic Surgeons wishing to learn skils in Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine.

4 Fellowships of £8,000 each are available in 2017. Fellows will be given the opportunity to assist a senior aesthetic practitioner and their team for a period of 3 months. The Fellowship will comprise the following:

Exposure to a full range of Aesthetic Surgery including breast, truncal, facial and peri-orbital surgery.

The opportunity to participate in outpatient, pre and postoperative care.

Protected time given to individual tutorials on various aspects the Aesthetic Surgery syllabus.

A supervised research project or audit. 

The deadline date for applications is the 28th of March. Please click here to apply.