A German Medical Student's Experience

Miss. Anna Smola


In 2016 Anna Smola, a German medical student in her 4th year of training had the opportunity to select a surgical speciality to observe and work in for six weeks. She elected to come to the UK (usually these medical students remain in Germany) and observe the work of the Consultant Plastic Surgeons with the Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital Trust, including Mr Riaz.  
Here’s what she had to say about her experience.


In August 2016 I came to Hull to get to know more about the field of Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery and also to get an insight into the British healthcare system which is very different from the German one. I was very lucky to have the possibility to spend a lot of time working with Mr Riaz during my elective. I attended his lists at Castle Hill Hospital and also at the Spire and St.Hughs. Mr Riaz also took me to his clinics at the private hospitals in Hull and Grimsby and also in Doncaster.

During all the time I spend working with Mr Riaz, I could see that he always had his patients‘ best interests at heart at the same time being very humble. He and his team always made patients feel very welcome, and they also made me feel very welcome as a student.
I was very lucky to witness Mr Riaz working in theatre: it is quite amazing to watch him perform all kinds of surgeries from hand surgery, breast surgery to his “R-face lift“ and much more.

Mr Riaz pays attention to every little detail, and so even the smallest stitch was very important. During the clinics and surgeries, he explained all the procedures to me and also emphasised what to pay attention to. I learned so much during the time I spent with Mr Riaz.

I am very grateful to Mr Riaz, and I will do my very best to have the same strong work ethic to help my patients in the future.
— Anna Smola