South-eastern Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons Annual Conference

On Wednesday 18th January Mr Riaz travelled to Atlanta, Georgia, USA to attend the SESPRS Annual Conference (Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons).  The conference this year includes the 10th annual symposium on Oculoplastic Techniques, and also the 33rd Annual Symposium on Breast Surgery. 

One of the main objectives of the SESPRS is "Advancing professional excellence, quality education and regional collegiality."

The Southeastern Society is widely viewed as the pre-eminent regional plastic surgery society in the country (USA). The SESPRS was established in 1958 by pioneers of plastic surgery and continues today as the premier regional society of plastic surgery. The society has a strong commitment to innovation and research. It is an assemblage of like-minded surgeons who are devoted to lifelong learning, education, and research.

Mr Riaz has a particular interest in both these areas of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, and has elected to visit the USA to gain further insight and learn of updates in research and surgical techniques which may help to enhance his practice further.

He has a professional obligation to maintain and update his continuing professional development, as do all GMC registered doctors.  He carefully selects professional and scientific meetings each year across the UK and beyond, where he feels he might gain the most insight from, and which will most benefit his patients, both in his NHS and private practice.   This year’s programme at SESPRS offers exciting and interesting innovations which Mr Riaz hopes to gain from.

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