BAAPS Annual Scientific Meeting Olympia, London 5th – 6th October

This is Mr Riaz pictured with Professor Cerkes at the conference this year.

This is Mr Riaz pictured with Professor Cerkes at the conference this year.

British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons  (BAAPS) Annual Scientific Meeting

Mr Riaz attended the scientific conference once again, this year.  The focus of the meeting was rhinoplasty (surgery to the nose) and breast surgery, both cosmetic and therapeutic and both of which are of huge interest to him.  This conference is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded clinical experts and share knowledge. 

To provides an opportunity to be introduced to the most innovative and state of the art techniques.  Mr Riaz has integrated new techniques into his practice as a result of such exposure. 

Mr Riaz plays an active role in BAAPS throughout the year.  As a council member, he advises the panel on best practices within the industry, along with his co-council members.  One of the key objectives of BAAPS is educating and informing the public about cosmetic surgery and setting standards; BAAPS strives to be the ‘go-to’ resource for patients considering such surgery.

This year he had the opportunity to meet with Professor Dr Nazim Cerkes, a leading expert in rhinoplasty, based in Turkey, who was a member of the international faculty.  Facial deformities per se are a huge part of Mr Riaz’ practice, as he continues to travel to Pakistan twice a year in his own time and operate on babies and young children with cleft lip and palate deformities who would otherwise have no other recourse to such treatment. 

Within the next few days, he is about to embark on the next free surgical camp, donate below to help fund these life changing missions.

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