Mr Riaz officially opens the new Library and Seminar Room

During his trip to Multan, Pakistan in December 2016, Mr Riaz was honoured to be invited to open the newly established Seminar/Conference Room and Medical Library at the Burns & Plastic Surgery Unit situated at the Nishtar Medical College and Hospital in Multan

He took great pleasure in being able to make a contribution of a significant number of his own medical and surgical textbooks, to the Unit’s library.  As well as his own textbooks which have been of enormous value to him during his medical and surgical training, Mr Paul Stanley, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Castle Hill Hospital with the Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust, and colleague of Mr Riaz, also donated classic medical and surgical texts; Mr Stanley is approaching the end of his surgical career, and felt that the texts could serve a greater purpose now.  Mr Stanley, who, like Mr Riaz is a senior lecturer with the Hull & York Medical School has always had a keen interest in the on-going education of the plastic surgeons of the future.  He also spent some time working in Gujrat at the Bashir Hospital some years ago and has fond recollections of his time there, the patients and the region.

(Mr Riaz had to ‘hijack’ some of his colleague Dr Zahid Rafique’s (Consultant Anaesthetist) luggage allowance recently to transport these valuable to Pakistan)!

It gave Mr Riaz great pleasure both professionally and personally to hand-over these textbooks which he knows can be of tremendous use to the up-and-coming plastic surgeons of the future.  

Information about Nishtar Medical College & Hospital

Nishtar Medical College is located in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. It is named after the politician Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar. It is among the most prestigious educational institutes in Southern Punjab. Formed in 1951, it is the 3rd oldest medical institution in Pakistan. Nishtar medical college is affiliated with Nishtar Hospital which has a capacity of 1800 beds. The college supports 1600 students in total.

This is where Mr Riaz undertook his primary medical training to become a doctor.  Some years after he qualified as a Plastic Surgeon he was commissioned to set up the Burns Unit on the hospital site. He set up and established the Unit back in 1999 before he came back to the UK to work as a Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, and it is because of this that the unit has grown exponentially, and operates as it does today, one of a few hospitals better equipped to deal with and manage patients with severe burns.

Mr Riaz continues his relationship with the College, collaborates with the academic faculty at the College and does everything he can to continue to help the patients of the Punjab – even from 4000 miles away!

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