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Mr Muhammad Riaz

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

the creator of the r facelift and r breast reduction cosmetic surgery procedures at clinics in hull, east Yorkshire


Welcome to cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures of the future

Mr Riaz the creator of the The R Facelift and R Breast Reduction


Mr Riaz is one of the UK's most respected cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Pioneer of several of his own signature cosmetic surgery procedures, including the R Facelift, R Brow Lift and R Breast Reduction, which are fast becoming the default procedures due to their less invasive nature but still providing maximum results for his patients.

Muhammad Riaz is a highly qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon leading the UK in pioneering facelift surgery for patients who suffer from Ehlers Danlos syndrome, utilising his R Facelift procedure for superior results and accelerated healing times.

Deciding to change the way you look through cosmetic surgery takes courage and much consideration. We are committed to providing you with outstanding care, support and advice through every step, from helping you decide which procedure will get the results you want, through to your surgery and beyond with our comprehensive aftercare.

This site is designed to provide information about our surgical procedures and background to our outstanding medical and patient support teams. Remember we are on hand, every step of the way to answer any queries you may have.


Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Procedures

procedures are focused on areas of the body, which include face & Neck, Breast, Body, Hand and, Skin. 


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Mr Muhammad Riaz, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

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I have worked as a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon since 1999 and currently work in the UK at The Department of Plastic Surgery, Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham, in East Yorkshire.  I received an honorary appointment to the Academic Staff of the Hull York Medical School (HYMS).  My role is one of Senior Clinical Tutor and involves teaching, research and curriculum development. 

I undertook my initial training in Multan, Pakistan before going on to embark on specialist plastic surgery training in a number of locations including the UK, Ireland and America.   My senior plastic surgery training was undertaken in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Pakistan, the USA and the UK. 

Myself, my anaesthetic, medical and patient support teams look forward to meeting you in person.


Mr Riaz's Signature "R" Cosmetic Procedures

Mr Riaz has perfected several signature cosmetic procedures which are now widley used by many other cosmetic and plastic surgeons thoughout THE UK and Internationally an have become default procedures within the industry.

Muhammad Rias Cosmetic Surgery Hull, R Facelift Signature Procedure


The R Facelift

It's taken two-and-a-half years to perfect my Facelift technique, coined the R Facelift and it's proving to be popular, very popular. Since I developed and launched The R Facelift technique, I've done nothing else. That's because it's far less invasive than traditional style facelifts. With the R Facelift, the skin is not lifted away from the face.

Instead, an "R" shaped (hence the name) incision is made along the side of the face, alongside the hairline and behind the ear. Gently removing excess skin and pulling it tight, I use deep, looped stitches that gather the un­derlying muscle, which keeps the overall look seamless. 

The result, previously jowly faces become triangular, and in men, it slims the face nicely while bringing out lost cheekbones. There's little in the way of bruising and no bleeding whatsoever. Usually, within a week, everything has healed.

The R Facelift is minimal treatment with maximum results and confidence.

R Breast Reduction Signature Procedure by Muhammad Rias Cosmetic Surgery Hull, East Yorkshire UK,

R Breast Reduction

Numerous techniques for breast reduction have been described and Mr Riaz has used almost all of the techniques in his practice. Common pitfalls or problems with these techniques include poor aesthetic outcome such as development of a boxy breast shape rather than a youthful cone shaped breast and pseudoptosis which means that with time the skin from the nipple to the inframammary fold on the chest becomes stretched and the breasts develop a saggy appearance.

With these problems generally large saggy breasts are reduced and it ends up being small saggy breasts. In a breast reduction operation the nipple/areolar is removed to its ideal location and excess breast tissue and skin is removed. Different techniques use different types of pedicles to keep circulation and sensation intact for the nipple/areolar complex. 

R Breast Uplift Signature Procedure by Muhammad Rias Cosmetic Surgery Hull, East Yorkshire UK,

R Breast Uplift

The technique used for breast uplift is similar to the technique used for breast reduction. The skin is only excised in this procedure and no breast tissue is removed.

The breast tissue is kept on the central mound pedicle and dermal wings are used to secure all the breast tissue to the chest wall.

In folding of the dermal area below the nipple/areolar reduces this distance and prevents any pressure from breast tissue on the skin of the inferior pole which avoids bottoming out of the breast.

The mastopexy with this technique gives a youthful conical breast. 

R Brow Uplift Signature Procedure by Muhammad Rias Cosmetic Surgery Hull, East Yorkshire UK,

R Brow lift

Age related changes of upper face include brow ptosis or dropping of the eyebrow which reduces the distance between the eyebrow and upper eyelashes and gives a tired look. This also adds to the skin fold visible on the upper eyelid. If the distance between the eyebrows and upper eyelashes is acceptable then no surgery is required for the eyebrows but when there is brow ptosis then position of the eyebrow needs to be addressed.

Traditionally eyebrow position was addressed through a forehead lift or endo brow lift which are quite invasive and extensive procedures. It is well known that these procedures used to leave a surprised look on the face with eyebrows positioned too high on the forehead. In the recent years less extensive eyebrow lift has been performed through temple lift and browpexy. 

Mr Riaz specialises in a nose reshaping procedure called the Gujrat Cleft Nose correction Technique which is performed in Pakistan and in the UK in Hull.

"Gujrat" Cleft Nose Correction Technique

Cleft nose is a complex deformity which is present in children born with cleft lip or cleft lip and palate. There is asymmetry of development of upper jaw bone. Cleft lip and palate are repaired in the early months of the child’s age.

In some techniques the nasal deformity is also corrected but in most of the patients the nasal deformity is corrected at or after puberty when the bony development is complete. These children have nasal blockage and severe nasal deformity due to malposition of nasal septum and hypoplasia and weakness of cleft side nasal cartilages. 


I am proud of the work my team and I provide and am always willing to share the testimonials from my patients, here are just a few.


Voted One of the UK'S BEST SURGEONs

Mr Muhammad Riaz (, once again voted as one of the UK's best cosmetic surgeons for breast reduction, uplift and enlargements as well as tummy tuck's and intimate areas. Thats 5 consecutive years running.


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Professional Bodies


You should ask yourself a number of questions before embarking on any treatment, most important of all is, how do you know if he has undertaken the appropriate and relevant training?

In short – Plastic Surgeons in the UK cannot describe themselves as such unless they are recorded on the General Medical Council Specialist Register. Surgeons can only qualify for entry onto this register after they have undertaken and completed accredited training in plastic surgery over a number of years, which is recognised by the GMC.


My Journal

News and updates relating to academic meetings, events and charity work 


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Mr Riaz charitable work with OPSA Charity

Charitable Work with OPSA

Mr Riaz is a founding trustee of the Overseas Plastic Surgery Appeal (OPSA)

Mr Riaz alongside OPSA works to transform the lives of children. It indeed gives young people a face they can live with, enabling them to learn to speak correctly, to go to school and to become useful members of their society. Without our help, these children are consigned to ill health and social ostracism.

For the last seven years, Mr Riaz has visited Gujrat in Pakistan twice a year with the charity. On each visit, OPSA has operated on more than 120 children and adults in just seven days. In 2010 we also visited Kerala in India to set up a surgery camp and plan to attend again soon.

All OPSA Trustees and medical teams give their time 100% voluntarily; the work OPSA do is so vital to the people who have these disfigurements but, of course, what we do relies on raising funds for each trip. Every donation makes our trips more and more possible, and we are grateful for every penny we receive.