Park Hill Hospital

Live outside Hull & East Yorkshire? Here's some useful information about Park Hill hospital if you need to travel and stay over as part of your cosmetic surgery procedure.

Mr Riaz's Patient Support team can be contacted during office hours on 01482 841228 & 01482 841229.



Park Hill Hospital is one of South Yorkshire's leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality healthcare treatments and services. Located in Doncaster, the hospital currently has 17 bedrooms and a four bedded day care unit all with en suite facilities.

By investing in advanced medical technology, the hospital offers a wide range of treatments and services. The fully equipped ultra clean air theatre is particularly suitable for orthopaedic procedures offered such as arthroscopy and hip and knee replacement. The day unit is suitable for minor operations.


Thorne Road
South Yorkshire

Contact Number

01302 553355

Treatments at the Hospital

Treatments at the hospital include hysterectomy, bunion removal, gall bladder removal, knee / hip replacement, forefoot reconstruction, and cataract surgery.

Competitively priced cosmetic surgery is also available for a wide range of procedures including breast enlargement, tummy tuck, liposuction and facial surgery by our consultant led service.

Hospital facilities

Direct dial telephone, Digital TV and radio are available in all rooms for your and your visitor's comfort. Meals are served in your room and comprise a superb selection of dishes, all freshly prepared.

Free car parking and disabled access is also available. Shared accommodation is available for parents staying overnight with children.

Park Hill also has access to a full range of support services, including intensive care, CT and MRI scanning, coronary care, cardio-respiratory services and 24-hour emergency support.

Our staff

Our consultants and nursing staff are highly experienced and have your care and comfort as their highest priority. During and after treatment you will receive a standard of care which is second to none and all patients have the reassurance that a resident RMO is available 24 hours a day.

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